Saturday, October 03, 2009

Missing Maui for Mom

Alas! For far too long have I left you unbothered! Oh Blog! So here is but a scratch: I was to have visited Maui with my mom, but two weeks prior, she tripped and broke her shoulder sufficiently that surgery was required. So I visited her in Texas instead.

Now, there are those who thing Texas is similar to Hawaii, but none of them live in Texas.

Still, it was good to be with her, to hold her hand as I moved her arm in our thrice daily physical therapy. To watch her face, see her flinch, then relax, even smile as the arm became more flexible. To keep so intimate a time with her: _that_ I doubt we would have shared in Maui. We'd have been buried in the busy of seeing it all, and never find a moment, much less 30 moments, to hold hands. Not in Maui, where all the things to see are.

So I do not chafe the cost of missing Maui. Instead, I feel richer, more filled to my edges, with the strength and love that is my mother.

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Anonymous said...

it has been so long that I cannot yet log in, but I want to talk about how I am in love with this snow, falling so gently on itself, outlining the world in white softness. My child awakens, and I long to run laughing, slamming dotted lines in the railing peaks with my powerful girl-hands. Pow. Pow. Pow. Haha snow! Gotcha! LyP